There are four (4) organized groups as well as
special offers using the course on a regular basis.
As a matter of golf course management, the following days are used by the organizations as their normal play days. These schedules are not reserved for those individual groups but are used only in helping schedule course use and play. They can be changed if needed. All Leagues and/or association schedules must be presented annually to the Parks and Recreation Commission for their approval.

Men’s Golf Association Weekends Ken Gemmell 860-945-5249 CLICK HERE n/a
Ladies Golf Association Tuesdays AM Teddy Hamilton 860-274-1350 CLICK HERE n/a

      " 7&7 "
Begginners League

Tuesday PM
7 holes
Ken Gemmell 860-945-5249 CLICK HERE n/a
Retirees Golf League Wednesdays AM Ken Dubauskas 203-888-0394 CLICK HERE n/a
Junior Golf Group Thursdays AM Ken Gemmell 860-945-5249 CLICK HERE n/a